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This blog is about why picking a limousine company is the best choice for your wedding and how to identify a fake, from a real limousine company.


So,  your big day is coming up, and you reserved the venue, the DJ or band, the catering company, the cake, the hotel and sent out the invites. Now you are left to plan transportation for your guests, family and friends. You may leave this to your wedding planner, or decide to do it yourself. Considering your budget involved, this is when a limousine company may or may not outway a ride app like Uber for your transportation needs. Let’s face it, everybody now-a-days rides with a TNC (Transportation Network Company) such as Uber, Lyft, etc, however, for weddings, the best decision would be to book with a imo company (a real one, and not one of the fakes).



The following is what the official limousine companies will have. So, when booking with a limo company, be sure to ask about the following, as some companies will slide by to try to save some money:


Limousine companies have:



-Certified chauffeurs that have passed background checks, finger-printing, physical and drug exams.

-Mandatory liability insurance of 1 million or more.


Variety of vehicles

-Stretch limos, party buses, luxury & exotic vehicles and shuttle buses.


But limos are so expensive and most charge hourly! Yes, most of the limo companies are not cheap, but with the existence of Uber and other ride apps, the rates have dramatically dropped. Some limo companies now charge a one-way fee for stretches and buses, and you could even push for a discounted rate if you are going to be using a lot of vehicles.  At A & H Transportation, we work with the client to decide the best transportation rates possible for their big day, especially if there are a large number of guests to transport.


Just Married


Here are some more options to consider when booking with a limo company, (Some companies might charge a fee for this, and some may not):


Wedding Extras

-“Just Married” sign on the back of the bride & groom vehicle.

-Red carpet treatment.


—This is where the chauffeur will place a long narrow red carpet near the passenger door, so that the bride & groom can walk on it after leaving the reception.


——–This has been the most requested item when a wedding party books with us, as it creates a very luxurious and festive exit, while family members, friends and guests chant, take pictures, and throw rice!



We hope this blog has helped you in deciding trasnportation needs for your big day! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for new blog posts and discounts on transportation services!



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